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Penn State Brandywine encourages students' participation and leadership in an array of active student organizations and other campus leadership opportunities. By joining a student organization, becoming an Orientation Leader over the summer, or attending leadership development programs (such as the Penn State Leadership Conference), you can easily get involved with campus life and build valuable leadership skills. Join one of the many existing student organizations or start your own!

For information on starting a club, contact the Office of Student Affairs at 610-892-1328 or rmm29@psu.edu.

Clubs and Organization Registration dates for 2013 - 2014
Fall Semester: August 19 - October 19
Spring Semester: January 2 - March 2

Registered Clubs and Organizations

Blue and White Society

President: Abel Finta   awf5203@psu.edu
Adviser: Alex Pratt      aep5006@psu.edu

Blue and White Society is the student contingent of the largest dues-paying alumni association in the world. For over 135 years, the Penn State Alumni Association has been the keeper of Penn State pride and traditions. This club is intended to create networking opportunities to bring together students and Alumni at fun spirited events.


Captain/President: Anna Ritter   aqr5292@psu.edu
Adviser: Connie Stankowski      cas34@psu.edu

Cheerleading is a club sport geared towards students interested in school spirit and cheering on our various sports teams

Dance Team

President: Aisha Patel            arp5448@psu.edu
Adviser: Barb Rostick             bar15@psu.edu

Penn State Brandywine Dance Team is for students who are interested in dancing and to support the college. We want to introduce  and provide new and unique styles of dances. Also, to support and represent Penn State Brandywine at athletic or any school event. Plus provide a healthy lifestyle through dancing and exercising.

Engineering Club

President: Holly Davia            hld5089@psu.edu
Adviser: Asad Azemi              azemi@psu.edu

The Engineering Club is designed to get current engineering students engaged with the program.  We will be promoting interest in 3D printing and other technologies coming out.  Fosters teamwork and building a strong engineering community.

Leaders of Tomorrow

President: Michael McCarthy     mmm5943@psu.edu  
Adviser: Christine Allen              caa24@psu.edu

The Leaders of Tomorrow Club is geared towards motivating students interested in gaining valuable experience in being and/or becoming a leader amongst colleagues, co-workers, friends, and teammates. The Leaders of Tomorrow Club is intended to provide guidance, useful resources, applicable knowledge, and preparation for the life following an education from Pennsylvania State University.  The Leaders of Tomorrow Club is intended for all majors. Our goal is to develop students into becoming our leaders of tomorrow.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

President: Rabiul Chowdhury     rqc5293@psu.edu 
Adviser: Christine Brown            cmf22@psu.edu

Muslim Student Association (MSA) is to promote the positive message of the Islamic faith to the greater PSU Brandywine community and to provide a place for members to gather for community, reflection, and conversation. Also to provide a form of discussion who are going to give better awareness of Muslim belief/causes and to create an environment of comfort for Muslims and Non-Muslims alike to supported by the principles of tolerance, honesty, faith, and love.

The Lion's Eye

Editor: Eric Warner                       ehw5023@psu.edu
Adviser: Karrie Bowen                  kab44@psu.edu
Jaime Fettrow-Alderfer                 jlf214@psu.edu

Penn In Hand Literary Magazine

President: Joshua Cannon     jic5449@psu.edu 
Adviser: Pamela Main            pam47@psu.edu

We wish to design and publish the 2014 volume of Penn In Hand, the historic Brandywine campus literary magazine. For many years, our publication has benefited our students and faculty by providing an outlet for all manners of creative works. The annual showcase for campus talent offered by Penn In Hand is an excellent experience for our student contributors, and it stands as perennial badge of honor for our campus.

Psychology Club

President: Syreeta Jones      smj5281@psu.edu  
Adviser: Daniela Martin         dzm11@psu.edu

Psychology Club is open to all students regardless of major , who are interested in becoming involved in an academic and social organization at Penn State Brandywine.  The club is designed to unify students interested in and enhance student's knowledge about the field of Psychology.


President: Jessica Maginnis   jym5524@psu.edu 
Adviser:  Karrie Bowen           kab44@psu.edu